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Online CE/CME courses: NutritionAndFunctionalMedicine.org

CE/CME Course Access: Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Disease
The program is currently open at a discount as the videos and other materials are being finished and populated into the educational site.

Online CE/CME courses: NutritionAndFunctionalMedicine.org
  • Free sample course: Available if you'd like to see some of the content and the educational interface/platform; access is permitted for limited time of 10 days
  • Dysbiosis and Microbiome course: Progressively populated and currently discounted. 
Payment gateways:

  1. PayPal: easy, highly reliable, and very useful -- provides immediate access when successfully rendered; access via NutritionAndFunctionalMedicine.org. After you register on the site, you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmatory hyperlink; this hyperlink takes a few minutes to populate on the website. If you click the hyperlink immediately, it will route to an error message; so take a break and give it a few moments to avoid frustration :)  If that does not work for you, then use Authorize.net per the hyperlink below in option #3 and we will manually enter your registration asap. 
  2. Authorize.net from educational platform: industry standard but somewhat difficult and cumbersome -- provides immediate access when successfully rendered; access via NutritionAndFunctionalMedicine.org
  3. Authorize.net direct access from ICHNFM.org: via hyperlink below  -- requires 1 day for processing then registration must be entered manually. This system generates an irrelevant "error message"; do not be concerned about the error message. We will have to enter your registration manually asap, within 1-2 days.

  • Assistance: If you encounter any problems with the system, try again (because the system takes a few minutes to populate your information) or with a different browser and then if problems persist email us at admin at ichnfm.org
  • Note about chiropractic accreditation: Perhaps surprisingly, continuing education (CE) accreditation for chiropractic doctors is much more complicated than is CME for medical doctors because each state in the USA plus the provinces of Canada each have their own requirements, limitations, costs, and deadlines. As such, the chiropractic accreditation is still in process and is expected to be completed in Sept 2015. This course will NOT have chiropractic accreditation for all states, due to costs and logistics (eg, deadlines) and because not all states allow online/distance education for chiropractic CE. If your state does not allow online/distance education, you'll need to write to your state chiropractic board and tell them to join the rest of the world in online education. Details and listing of states in which this course is accredited will be provided asap and will be updated in the syllabus linked below and here: Syllabus in PDF format


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